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About Us

Erbut is a media interview training company. Our trainers can help you to develop your public speaking skills in TV and radio interviews.


Whether you’re a CEO having to defend a company position or a beginner who wants to launch a product and speak to journalists, media coaches at Erbut teach you how to speak to the media.


Our media interview training teaches:

  • confidence and control

  • how to tell a story

  • how to stay on message

  • how to prepare your narrative

  • what to avoid

  • how to manage tricky scenarios and question

Erbut has trained more than 1000 companies and 200 CEOs around the world in how to speak to top-level and trade media. We train listed, Fortune and FTSE companies such as Google, LinkedIn, BT and Sage.


Our media coaches are all ex-journalists who have worked for the Financial Times, the Economist Group, the BBC, Sky News and ITN. Together we have trained some of the biggest names in business, showbiz and politics.


Founder Dan Ilett is an experienced journalist who understands both how to interview and how to be a good interviewee. He has contributed to many major publications that include: the Financial Times; the Daily Telegraph; the Economist Intelligence Unit; the New York Times; Channel 4 News; and a number of technology trade magazines.

Media Interview Training
Media Interview Training



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